O nas - o firmie Show Your Car
We have always been passionate about cars. We met in 2004 at a rally of car enthusiasts where we started to share our experiences, observations and comments on car grooming and also on services available on the market. It quickly became apparent that our expectations and standards cannot be met by the services being offered at the time on the market.

We have enriched our knowledge thanks to Eric who in 2000 started working at his father’s company in France which specialized in selling and grooming of exclusive cars. It was then that Eric became passionate about cars and interested in detailing and as a result, he underwent specialist training on car grooming.

Taking advantage of Eric’s experience and applying it to grooming of our own cars made them the object of admiration and envy of our friends and acquaintances.

So we began to think about creating a place where we could offer services that were unavailable at the Polish car grooming market. We wanted to make it possible for other car enthusiasts to groom and maintain their cars so they would look truly glamorous and brilliant.

It is Eric who personally supervises or carries out every project we undertake. Our employees are all car enthusiasts who underwent specialised training.

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