What is detailing?

Detailing is the most advanced form of car grooming and maintaining. It consists of many activities aimed at restoring and ensuring the appearance of the car that is closest to perfection. It concerns both external car surfaces and the interior of the vehicle. You will find a detailed range of services performed in detailing in the Offer section.

How long will the paint surface of the car stay protected following the process of detailing?

It all depends on weather conditions in which the car is used. In order to ensure the best possible protection, we recommend protecting the paint surface every three months. We will make individual recommendation with pleasure.

Do you carry out the service of detailing in bad weather?

Weather conditions only affect satisfaction of our clients when they are forced to drive their renovated cars when it rains or snows.

Do weather conditions have influence upon how long the effects of detailing last?

Yes, they do. However, it is possible to prolong the effects of detailing by using the highest-quality products for washing the car after its paint surface has been protected. Personally, we recommend the products we use in our showroom and which we also sell.

How long does the service of detailing take?

It all depends on the kind of service the client chooses. Usually we need from a few hours to a few days. Please contact us in order to estimate the time needed to perform a specific service. It is worth adding that special conditions might be agreed upon in individual cases.

How long have you been performing the detailing services?

We are proud of our long tradition in servicing exclusive and classic cars. It all began in France in 2000. Our personnel underwent professional training and pay great attention to quality of service and details.

Do you also offer other services?

Yes, we do. We want your “new” car to look its best for as long as possible. So we decisively recommend washing your car regularly with the use of the highest-quality products in our exclusive carwash. This will ensure that the effects of the detailing process will last for a long time.

Should I make an appointment before visiting you?

Due to the character of our services, we need some time to prepare to give your car a professional service. That is why each visit should be first booked because every day we are able to perform only a specific number of services.
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